Young, Young, Dumb & Broke

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Life credit
Life span
Get it?
Of course you can…
Can’t buy it though
Some diets do
Doctors say it’s true
Accidents prove it too… I’m younging, I’m kidding, I’m speeding, I’m childing, I’m wilding
Living fast, I’m adulting
No reverse
Old age pending
Life ending
Craving our better years
Our yesteryears
Nostalgic, We revert
We divert our attention
Our intentions
Our questions from “Why are we here?” to “How long are we here?”


Mandela Boys Have Become Mandela Men

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I know how it feels to lie
When I do, I don’t even bat an eye
I do it to fit what I’ve been made to believe is a good look…
Saddest trick in the book

There’s something very attractive about transparency
Nudity… Being bare
True to one’s situation
Carelessly embracing
No second guessing
Something we all can see
No underbelly…

If you think about it; Nothing makes our ‘flaws’ frowned upon more than us keeping them a secret.
By keeping them a secret, we are frowning upon them ourselves before anyone else can.
Penitent leaders of our own judgement…

By the way, can we agree that secrets are the root of loneliness… phoniness? No?
Us frowning on our “flaws” is us fuelling and validating them as not just flaws but problematic flaws, in turn making us problematic in our own eyes…
We start to believe it, we become it… Unworthy… Lonely…

Are we human?
a lost cause?
Never mind
Let’s keep it moving
Fast-forward… Don’t wanna talk about it
Issa scar
A scratch
In fact, skip the track
The true spirit of who we are…

Sex With An Artist


Salvator Mundi

Soft cotton bedding
Pillow talking
Minds walking
Heading further… Deeper
Footprints gently sinking, thinking, questioning… Deeper
Having heavy conversations about the furthest constellations of our souls…
“Are you a believer?…”
A believer of your own fate or the pearly gates?
Undriven?… Deliberate
Tick a box
Hell, let’s debate
Never mind, it can wait

They say we all have a gift; a talent
Yeah, we all have it
A good habit
A notion from the west
That one thing we do best
The very heart of our Earthly quest
It sets us apart from the rest
It gives us fulfilment… Yeah, ask Cassper Nyovest
Much like heaven
If we do not believe in it, we will never see the joy of it
Much like hell
You don’t have to believe in failure to experience it
The worst situation is default settings for those who lack the spirit to fight for more
Faith to the core
Believe it
Screw it
Forget it
If it’s meant to be, why should I break a sweat?

Why I Am A Dick

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via Behance


It’s quite simple
I let words get to me… Break me
They penetrate my anatomy
I lose it like Britney
Or was it Whitney? Breezy? Yeezy?
A medley
A combination maybe?
Memory agglomeration
I shave my crack
Hooked on my head
A catchy track
A song
In my mind the words play over and over again
Slowly they lick away my smile
My vibe
My spirit swallowed whole
A mouthful
Words full
Their hunger satisfied
They spit out what’s left of me
My distorted anatomy
Chewed up
Screwed up
Disgorged and alive
Words couldn’t stomach my bitter pieces
A thesis
Survival of the fittest
Last piece standing
Throbbing for my inner peace

Omunye Phez’komunye



From reveries so airy, from the toil of dropping buckets into empty wells, And growing old in drawing nothing up
-William Cowper

I’ve started
I finish what I start
A fight, a race, a piece of art
What does it make me if I don’t
A quitter? A loser? Who cares?
I start relationships left, right and centre
My intentions you know
Smash and go
No longer outplayed
Ability to love decayed
Loyalty never wanted me
But that’s okay, I’m young and free
Plenty of fish in the sea
I move with the current
The new age, the new wave
Too young to behave
Maybe old age will save
But even then… What will I have to show?

New York Eyes, Umlazi Thighs


Michael Corbin via Behance


Generally seen as a characteristic possessed by the squeezable
The thin-skinned
A mark of vulnerability
A flaw
Weak to the core
A take advantage of go ahead
Talking about it feels weird
But I’ll let it out
I’ll make a thread
fuck it; I’ll start a twar

Bred by our simplicity
Our black or white; forget the grey mentality
Our ignorance provokes defeat
Defeated by what we’re becoming
Afraid of the cunning, the grim, the seemingly untouchable, the corrupt, the poisonous, the fucked
Tail tucked between legs
We throw stones at the little light hope survives on
Unsaving the day
Helplessly exploiting away each other’s light…


Way With Words



Having a way with words is the new fake deep
Actually, gracefully conveying thoughtfulness is the new cheap
Outsold by constructive criticism that’s meant to cut deep
Blunt is the new sharp, it stabs in a way kind words could never penetrate
Our skin, our ears

Meant to mend, to stitch
A kindly delivered truth irritates
A cheesy itch
Don’t wanna hear it
Blue sky nonsense
Scratch it!

Back to the drawing board
Reattach cord

Ethiopian Slang

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Feds watch
I turn my head inside out
To clear all doubt
To show you what I’m all about
To help see what I think
Of you
A view
An opinion
A feeling towards myself
A slice of my mind… Served

Ships sink, oceans swallow, untaste, think pink, drink, lush lips smooch
A penny, a thought, a bargain, a sale
Assumptions set sail
My head back inside in
Activate lock pin
Only I can open
Change it
Facial recognition

My own opponent
Day by day I challenge myself
To be open-minded, empathetic
To understand and put myself in situations, circumstances…
Stories beyond my own

I Just Like Being All Alone


Enzo Amore

Being cool, we follow cool, cool is followed
We follow to be followed
But why does it work?
There’s no mathematical formula that can give us an accurate answer, prancer, dancer, pseudo
It’s you though
You know
It’s all for you
The lengths they will go to
To make the old sound new

Being in tune with today’s cool is not what makes cool
Being unrigid enough not to put yourself above the tic, the beat, the rhythm, the pulse, the talk of the time is the source
The sauce
The recipe that unites us

Above it all
If we exclude ourselves from classic ideas, we lose shape, a sense of who we are… Where we come from
If we exclude ourselves from new; on the minute ideas, we cease to be conscious… present… to grow…
If we exclude each other, we show intolerance
Intolerance only generates hate

Let us step away from what separates us; Appearance, age, views from the page of your favourite author…

Let us strive to be fluidly alive, to be fluid in our growth
You like it?
Picture it
Alive… Let’s grab it by the horns


Drag Her!


Rich Johnson / via


An individual seeing you as a pussy is not a reflection of how the world is, but a reflection of how the individual sees the world. You being part of the world of course.
For them gaining such a perspective has been a journey, one that is theirs and theirs personally.
The deeper you push it in, the longer you’ll have to pull it out.
In other words, reaching a different view will be just as much of a journey for the individual. One they have to take themselves and not dragged there by someone showing or proving the pussy-ness the individual already believes to be out there in the world.

It is when we jump into showing people who the fuck we think we are
That we lose it
Our cool, the plot
Lost, we forget to show them the right way or what we think is the right way
As we sink into arguments
We stray
We focus our attention on showing them who we are… What we are…